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Faire - Buddha Board

Buddha Board

Buddha Board

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Buddha Board allows you to relax and embrace the present by painting with simple tap water. Use the included soft bristle brush to flow your fresh design onto the special surface. You'll make a bold mark and it's easy to make a pleasing design.

Then watch as your art slowly evaporates and disappears - taking your concerns with it. You'll learn to better appreciate the now, and to revel in the impermanence of things with this easy to use tool. It's great for the whole family and will last for years.

One of our favorite features is that it can help take the fear out of creating. Many people (us included) have been known to stare at a blank page or an empty canvas, worrying about whether what we put there will be "good enough." Buddha Board helps erase that anxiety because you know your creation won't be around long anyway - so, you might as well just go for it. Such a great lesson!

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