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How-to and What-is-it Videos

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Stencils and Spray Paints

Finn and Ruby step in to help us learn new stuff!

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Cardboard Robot Merchandise

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  • Stickers

  • Tees

  • Pencils


About Cardboard Robot

We are a retail shop selling goods and dispensing ideas to feed your inner maker.

Who runs the place?

Eric Sovern and Shannon Horton opened Cardboard Robot in 2017 to help people find engaging activities that stoke the brain furnace. Everyone is welcome!

Why should you shop here?

Do you have bored kids? Has watching Bob Ross re-runs fired up your need to fill a canvas? Do you need a gift for the creative weirdo in your life? Are you the creative weirdo and you’re just now admitting it? At Cardboard Robot, we can help you get what you need to feed your inner maker.

We believe that making things is a great way to be a human. So much of what is offered to us as entertainment is passive and doesn’t really engage all of our gears. Cardboard Robot sells products that require input from you, and help keep your creativity honed like a hobby knife.