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Cardbored Box

Helm of Brilliance

Helm of Brilliance

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Build your own DIY headlamp!

Cardboard Robot presents our own brand of all-in-one-box activities - CardBored Box.

The Helm of Brilliance contains everything you need (except a 9 volt battery) to construct a simple circuit and build it into a functioning headlamp. Included are 3D printed parts that we designed and make right here in our shop, a cardboard headband suitable for embellishing, a breadboard no-solder LED lamp circuit that you assemble, and so much more! Well, not too much more. No, actually, that's about it.

Learn about electronics! Read after lights out! Impress your friends! Give the gift of education and illumination!

(You can also build your own Cardboard Robot mascot out of the packaging. It's pretty cool!)

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